About Me

picture of Elisha at North Carolina Musuem of Art

I believe that life is short & that it is our responsibility to make it beautiful. Good design is beautiful. Nature is beautiful. Authenticity is beautiful. At heart, I design. I design & I observe. I appreciate being challenged because I believe that's when the magic of being & creating something inspiring has potential. When I'm not designing something for the web, I'm designing an illustration, a story, a recipe ... you get the idea. Some other things about me, I've been practicing yoga for 16 years. Yoga has helped to ground me, iron me out, & is something I return to. The process of web development fascinates me in an entirely new way. I studied Front-End Engineering at The Iron Yard. For 12 weeks I spent 70-80 hours a week studying HTML, CSS, UX/UI, & JavaScript. It intrigues me that so much depends on zeros & ones. I am excited that we've built a culture of technology that has shifted the way we communicate.